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6 Great tips On How To Fix System Slowing Down

6 Great tips On How To Fix System Slowing Down

by Samuel OnyikeDecember 24, 2016
There are no mysteries to why your system is slowing down. So i will marshal out factors that slows down you Personal Computer. Most of them are man-made and not strange.

Low Specification: There is no way your System can be of high end and still Lag. It’s very rare.
SOLUTION: So in this case you increase the specification in the system. Specifications such as RAM or Processor or Graphics card as the case maybe.

Too Much Files: You are bound to keep files up to a year in a system and as the number of files or document grows, your system find it difficult to keep tabs, therefore leading Fragmented files.
SOLUTION: So to solve these you delete those useless files that you do not find useful but still won’t delete or you can run a system De-fragment. Periodical System De-fragment will keep you hard drive healthy.

Improper Specifictions: This is when you have a RAM too heavy for your processor. Most people think it’s all about the RAM. But the System Processor matter 100%. The RAM serves as a buffer for process yet to be executed. And when you have a high RAM that do not meet the Processor Speed. You overwork the Processor and wear it down. 
SOLUTION: So you will want to Balance the RAM with the Processor i.e 2GB RAM would match a 1.7GHz dual core processor. Rather keep the RAM lower.

Thousands and Thousands of Application: This one slows down every device. Any application installed create a new task for the processor. So having too many unused, unimportant application would keep your processor unnecessarily busy.
SOLUTION: So you have to remove those unwanted apps to keep you processor Cool.

Mis-Use: Every thing on earth has Limits as well as Gadget. So when you over-task your system to handle a processor it cannot really bear. You are just reducing the lifespan and well being of both the Processor and I/O.
SOLUTION: don’t multi task when your system cannot handle it

Bogus Softwares: When an application is developed bugs are still present. That’s why developers will keep on sending you Update alerts. Old application would require an update to fix any form of bug. 

SOLUTION: carry out updates as early as possible.

Virus: viruses of any form are malicious and do no Good. So they get into your system and deny you of some system Resources. or even worse, crash your system.
SOLUTION: A very Good Anti-virus will clean any virus and do not fail to keep your anti-virus updated

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