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MTN Subscription | Data Wise Subscription

MTN Subscription | Data Wise Subscription

by Samuel OnyikeDecember 24, 2016

If you are the type that consumes up to 1GB in a week or you want to get 4GB for N1000 then this is for you.Do not continue of you don’t use up 1GB in a week.
This is no dial number trick nor a Special sim trick nor am IMEI tweak. I am going to share how i get 2GB for N500. My current data is going to expire sometime in 2017, i don’t even check it anymore, i only get to know when i rollover my subscription. Strange huh? Well to get this done you got to meet some requirements

  1. MTN sim card
  2. MTN Pulse Tariff Plan
  3. N500 naira worth airtime or credit
  4. SmartPhone* required
I will break down the requirement here
MTN sim card: it works only with MTN sims other networks do not
MTN Pulse Tariff Plan: This is the best tariff plan for Data users
N500 Naira worth airtime: It’s only gonnaa cost that much
SmartPhone: This is the secret behind the trick
So like i said. it for the data lovers.
Dial *406# to migrate to MTN Pulse, if you have not migrated.
Recharge N500 on your MTN sim card with a Smartphone*
Dial *131# to do a data subscription.
On the available option choose Buy a data plan.
Choose the Weekly Data Plan
Follow On screen Instruction to complete your subscription or purchase.
So basically when you are on MTN Pulse you will be given 1GB instead of the regular 750MB you saw while subscribing.
And using a smartphone gives you double your data subscription for 6 months.
CONS: You have a week to use it up.. But when you rollover your subscription, i.e repeating the same process before your sub deadline or expiry. You will push A week more.
To enjoy this very well, finish up your data before expiry.
PROS:You get 2GB for N500 i.e 4GB for 1000. Data lovers will definitely see this as the best thing ever. This trick even worked with my Nokia torch.

Enjoy !!!


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