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No More Selfie-Stick, Now Selfie Drone

No More Selfie-Stick, Now Selfie Drone

by Samuel OnyikeDecember 21, 2016
Now this is a high tech that will change the way you take selfies

A flying selfie drone, this makes selfie-stick a thing of the 18th century.
it is typically a drone that takes snapshots while flying in the air. And it is called Airselfie Cool right?

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it has an android an ios application in which you control it’s movement and position. Airselfie creates a wireless network with your phone to share the captured photo. Also it automatically hover back to it’s departure point immediately the snap session is over, as you tap a button on your phone. 

Let’s see the feature that gives it this awesome abilities

5 MP Camera
AirSelfie features a 5 Megapixel HD video camera to shoot social-media-optimized images.

Aeronautical grade anodized aluminium case
Robust and sleek, easy to carry wherever you go. Fruit of innovative and beautiful Italian design.

Airselfie weighes 52g making it the light and compatible to carry with dimensions 67.4×94.5×10.6 mm

Turbo fan propellers
Airselfie has Four turbo fan propellers powered by brushless motors, safe to grab it while it’s still hovering.

Airselfie creates a 2.4 GHz wifi network with your phone to share photos taken


The drone uses sonar to measure its altitude and keeps itself stable with the help of a tiny extra camera to monitor its surroundings for signs of jitter. It is also equipped with gyroscopes, barometers and geomagnetic sensors that help it navigate as it flies.”

Storage Memeory
You get an in-built 4GB memory in Airselfie

Airselfie has a little battery capacity of 260MaH, You can charge it up 20 times with it’s power bank or with the phone cover that is compatible with the latest phones : Google Pixel, iphone 6 – 7, Samsung Galaxy s7 and Huawei P9.

You can watch the Video Below it’s awesome


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