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Airbus To Test Flying Cars | Prototype

Airbus To Test Flying Cars | Prototype

by Samuel OnyikeJanuary 16, 2017
Technology is not far away from inventing Flying Cars.  

Airbus, makers of airbus transportation helicopters has come out with a prototype One-passenger flying vehicle. Airbus plans to test the prototype by the end of 2017. The airbus uses a Vertical Take-off and  Landing technique which airbus has been working on through the project Vahana.

The vehicle will likely use a four-rotor design with variable positioning possible to help with vertical take off, and then shift for propelling the craft through the air. The design process is taking into account what’s feasible and most efficient, given requirements like an electric motor, which Airbus is focusing on so that a fleet of the vehicles, once deployed, will not actually have a worse ecological impact than ground-based transportation in terms of contributing to air pollution.

Well Flying cars still looks like a thing of the movies, but Airbus thrives to bring it to reality 

 I just pray my country Nigeria keeps up with the rest of the world.I expect a lot from this flying Vehicle. 
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