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Android Phones With Super Powers

Android Phones With Super Powers

by Samuel OnyikeJanuary 26, 2017
Lenovo phab 2 

With Google Tango augmented reality software and a 
deep sense 3d camera system. 
Lenovo phab 2 lets virtual object interact with the real world.

Changhong H2

It comes with a See through vision related feature. 
H2 uses a near infrared spectrometer to determine how fresh you produce is.
when you have a medicine and you doubt it’s authenticity, Changhong H2 can help you detect fake medicine by shining a special light onto the surface of the medicine.
It works the same to detect body fat percentage. When the changhong H2 beam it’s light on the surface, Molecules from the object then send back light in different ways and this information gets beamed up to a database cloud where it’s processed and analyzed.

Cat S60

You can say it’s hulk
It is designed to survive a crash from a distance up to 6-feet.
You call it the aqua-man 
it can stay underwater almost forever.
You can also call it heat vision
Cat S60 can visualize the temperature of objects.
All this is evident in it’s body design.

So it is Lenovo Phab = Daredevil
Changhong H2 = ? – (i do not know which one fits in)
Cat S60 = Superman

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