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Google Play Service Update Brings Instant Tethering To Android

Google Play Service Update Brings Instant Tethering To Android

by Samuel OnyikeJanuary 21, 2017

Google is rolling out a new update for Nexus and Pixels Device. The update is the Google play service 10.2. Google Play services 10.2 update is a software that comes with a new android Feature : Instant Tethering.

Just like in Apple devices you need not to go through phone settings to instantly share you mobile hotspot with your Mac system.
The same is applied in the new Android update.
For now it’s reported going to be available to Pixel and Nexus Phones. The Instant Tethering will enable you share your internet access with a device that has the same single Google account activated in it.

So it works this way .When you turn on the Mobile Hotspot on your phone immediately your other device that has the same Google account will connect to it automatically.
It’s quite a Upgrade but the downside of it is that Nexus and Pixel devices will enjoy this. Though tests are being ran on other devices.
But for sure Google will release this feature to other android.
If it’s going to be out for other android phones, i will let you know, so you gonna have to subscribe.

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