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Latest teaser | LG G6 Comes With Bigger Screen

Latest teaser | LG G6 Comes With Bigger Screen

by Samuel OnyikeJanuary 12, 2017
LG will release the LG G6 next month at Mobile World Congress, and the company is starting to slowly show out information regarding the device ahead of its debut. In a teaser video, LG asks people to share their wish list for an ideal smartphone, and the replies include a big screen that’s easy to use one-handed, water resistance, reliability, and a great camera. Unsurprisingly, the LG G6 will have all of those attributes.

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LG has already mentioned that it will not bring back the modular design for the LG G6, and the phone is expected to feature a 5.7-inch “QHD+” LCD display with a resolution of 2880×1440. 

LG G6  will also likely retain a dual camera arrangement with a wide-angle lens complementing the primary shooter. With the launch just over a month away, we’ll know more about what’s in store with the LG G6 shortly. What are you most expecting?

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