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Present Technology and Their Future Replacements

Present Technology and Their Future Replacements

by Samuel OnyikeJanuary 29, 2017
Fast -paced ever growing technology has made some past tech such as vacuum tubes look like a joke dumb thing.
Not long will the present tech you are using right now go obsolete and so much useless. 
I compiled a list of technologies that will fade in time, and their future replacements which are already invoke.
You Google up any of them if you want to.

LCD Television – OLED Television
Liquid Crystal Display is low-end when it is matched with OLED (organic light emitting diode). New televisions now come with a curved OLED display cause of the more flexibilty of the OLED tech.

LED Bulbs – OLED Light Bulbs
LED bulbs are cool but OLED powered bulbs are beyond being cool. OLED bulbs make better beautiful lights, and it shares some similarities with the OLED display.

Physical Storage Drives – Cloud Based Storage
Next generation storage is Cloud based. The competition is on, Google Drive, One Drive and I-Cloud now render cheap service of up to 250GB or even more. Physical storage is way less convienient when it comes to retrieving archives. Next gen cannot do without archives

Physical Gaming Consoles – Cloud Based Gaming
Oh gaming has now gone cloud with Nvidia not wanting to be left out. Years o come Nvidia Cloud bases console free gaming will swarm the world.
Consider, for example, NVIDIA’s GeForce Now game-streaming service, which allows gamers to instantly stream more than 100 AAA games instantly at 60 frames per second and 1080 resolution, all with ultra-low latency and without requiring updates or downloads. 

Wired Charging – Wireless Charging
Samsung is not smiling at all. Galaxy S7 comes with wireless charging features. Wired charging is not sweet ,wireless is sweeter. Time will tell, when every electric device will go wireless charging.

Train – Hyperloop
Super speed travel means would kick out regular trains in no time. Hyperloop moves at an speed faster than trains because of it’s near vacuum tracks.

Remote Control – Amazon Echo
Yes no more physical remote, very soon amazon echo will take over. Echo is a voice-command device you can just tell a thing and consider it done.
The hands-free, voice-controlled product allows users to do everything from ordering a pizza to playing music, calling a ride from Uber, controlling their smart-home devices, and buying items from itself, to name only a few.

Passwords – Facial recognition
Aside finger print sensors facial recognition is the new thing.passwords are easily forgotten but a safe locked with your face can always open on with your face. Unless you apply too much make-ups and it fails to recognize you.funny.
but the thing is make-ups don’t hamper facial recognition.

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