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Proven Ways To Take ScreenShot in Windows

Proven Ways To Take ScreenShot in Windows

by Samuel OnyikeJanuary 4, 2017
This is a screenshot of my desktop. Windows 10 pro

How to take screenshot in windows

Recently, my brother needed to take a screenshot of his Hp compaq presario. He tried using the method applied in HP-15 ac114nia notebook and it did not work. 

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So i will list out all possible ways you can screenshot with your Computer system. If you try one it does not work, you can as well try the other one.

  1. Press and Hold WINDOWS button and PRT SC button together.
  2. Pressing PRT SC button.
  3. Press and Hold ALT button and PRT SC button together

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For the last two method which is the oldest method of taking screenshots. you will have to open up Paint Application or any Photo Editor, 
I did a quick search to get a faster.

How to take screenshot in windows

and Press and Hold CTRL button and V button to paste. (CTRL + V)

How to take screenshot in windows

This will paste the screenshot right in the photo editor.  Then you can save in any format you want. 

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In photo above , i took a screenshot of my quick search result and pastes it on paint.
The first one will save the photo in screenshot folder found in your pictures

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