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Seven Killer Reasons You Should Not USe An IPhone

Seven Killer Reasons You Should Not USe An IPhone

by Samuel OnyikeJanuary 9, 2017
You must be wondering why i am writing this post. Well i am writing this post to serve as an eye opener to everyone out there using an . I wrote out reasons you should not use an iphone

You are Limited
Every Iphone User is limited to that stock iphone look and no further customizations.At times you get bored of that Iphone look, but cannot do a thing about it, Sorry to Iphone users
While Android phones can be customized to sooth your taste 100%. If has total control over your and can soy on you anytime. Where is the freedom?

You are not Flexible
If you are looking to tweak you iPhone, either to up a feature or vice versa. Sorry you cannot. Every iphone has been designed rigid. just as the company wants, leaving you the owner no right to do so. My love for Android grew, when i found out that i can change my IMEI, pretty cool, I can even run custom ROMS that i love most.

You cant Fix It
50% of android phone problem can be fixed by the user without any geek experience.But iphone issues are way beyond user experience. I hate when i have to find a geek to get my phone fixed. Iphone sucks

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You can’t Afford It
Iphone are expensive for no good reason. Iphone has no unique feature that Android phones don’t have. So why the high prices or rating. Samsung galaxy s7 beats the latest iphone inside out. I see no reason for the prices

Iphone is Ugly
You may think i am joking but when you see huawei p9, you will change your taste of smartphones. With the big side bitten apple Logo behind your phone, that worsens the case. 

Lacks Unique Feature
Apple have not come up with anything unique about iphone. But poeple fell for the story behind Apple so decided to show some Love. Except thta no unique feature. This is one of the reaons developers put less interest in Iphone apps. See this chinese phone that beats IPhone

Not Open Source
Google Play Store has more applications compared to other stores because, the android platform is open source while Apple IOS is not open source. And that irritates me. To me it shows pride, and pride comes before a fall. Apple think fast

Apple should stick to their MAC-books, that is where they are most needed.

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