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Nokia To Get 5G Network in Partnership With Orange

Nokia To Get 5G Network in Partnership With Orange

by Samuel OnyikeFebruary 1, 2017

Nokia steps out with a new stunt.
Nokia partnered with Orange have to develop 5G mobile networks. Key updates will include “Ultra Broadband” and Internet of Things support. Nokia’s 5G infographic details the possibilities of a 5G network, which will go far beyond mobile phones.

Nokia says there are already 90 customers that have deployed 4.5G and this year 4.5G Pro is coming with “ten times the speed of initial 4G networks” and a clear upgrade path to 4.9G (several gigabits per second and latencies below 10ms) and then on the 5G.

Samsung on its own part has its own plans for 5G and is collaborating with T-Mobile (also, last year it ran a trial on China Mobile

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