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Six Reason Every Laptop User Needs An External Mouse

Six Reason Every Laptop User Needs An External Mouse

by Samuel OnyikeFebruary 5, 2017
Every Laptop comes with a touchpad, i know that. But the laptop touchpad can be the worst option at times. When you think you can do without the external 
mouse that is when it becomes very very important. This is like a Disadvantage of touchpad.
I am not saying that the touchpad is less important, but it is less appreciated when external mouse is handy.
I listed out Reasons you would need an external mouse.

Comfort: You feel much comfortable when you have a relaxed grasp on the mouse controller than having your fingers engaged on a touchpad.
Flexibiliy: You can actually get the mouse controller to any position that will suit your comfort. Unlike the in-built touchpad that is fixed, so you have to move your laptop
before you can get a desirable position.
Easy functionality: Between an External Mouse and A touchpad which one is best for click and drag. Definitely it is the external mouse.
The smooth nature of the touch-pad makes is a more than a once trial when you do a click and drag. For scrolling you can easily use a 
mouse ball for scrolling instead of moving you fingers repeatedly.
Easy Replacement: That awful moment in a middle of a game then your touchpad get spoil and you need a quick replacement but you can’t one, real annoying. But that is not the same story for the external mouse. here is a story for the external mouse. In a middle of a game then your touchpad get spoil and you need a quick replacement, sure you can easily detach the bad 
mouse. thanks to the plug and play features.
More Suitable for Gaming: No doubts games are preferably played with an external mouse. you get that rush of relaxed full control each time you make a move with the external mouse.
Long-lasting: It is advised to get an external mouse if you do not want to get your touch-pad spoil in months. But the same cannot be said for an external mouse, It works so long as it has no physical damage.
Unlike the touchpad that can get less sensitive and maybe get spoil during usage.
Freedom : When you get a wireless external mouse you have the freedom to control your laptop at a short distance, so you don’t have to stick to your laptop.
but sorry that is obviously not allowed with the external mouse. get external mouse.
Irritating: Like me when i get stressed and i’m on my laptop using the touchpad, my hands get so sweaty and it makes the touchpad an ugly thing. 
This is because of the finger suspension while using the touchpad.
So i rush for my external to get my finger relaxed on it’s body and maybe get a little of calm body state.

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