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How To Make Free Call With MTN

How To Make Free Call With MTN

by Samuel OnyikeMarch 3, 2017
Have you ever wanted to make free calls like you don’t pay for the call charges.
Then i have some thing you can try out.
it is the Receiver pay.
Here is how it works.

you dial a certain code.
the receiver gets a notification of a call.
when the receiver accepts the call.
Automatically your call session is set up and you can now talk with your intended receiver, while the receiver pays.

note it does not work with all networks..just MTN to MTN sim cards.

Okay, to get the whole thing up.
dial upĀ 


you will get the above response if it worked and you are eligible and receiver has enough credit.
if receiver does not have enough credit.
you will get this response.

It may not work if you are not eligible or receiver is not eligible.
That means both parties are to be eligible.
if you are not eligible or receiver is not eligible, you will get this other reply.

to be eligible. you have to make a recharge up to #500 monthly.
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