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Symetium Specification Price and Features

Symetium Specification Price and Features

by Samuel OnyikeMarch 27, 2017
No upcoming smartphone more catchy as the Symetium. It features will wow You.

Symetium can also connect multiple screens at once in order to stream UI (User Interface) environments to a screen, so for example if you have a tablet sized screen accessory it would be streaming itself onto this tablet screen mimicking a tablet. Basically, that means it works like a monitor. But instead of mirroring the UI from the phone itself, it streams an entirely separate interface allowing the user to still use the phone without any interruptions while it’s streaming a separate UI environment in the background.

Wireless Screen Adapter – Allows wireless docking. Symetium features a 1080P 5.0 inch OLED panel for rich vibrant colors and deep blacks. With the feature always on you can access the dock menu even from an idle state simply by swiping from the top or bottom to reveal the “dock” icon.

Docking Station – Symetium is built as a computer featuring a full desktop when docked or connected to an external monitor using the usb 3.0 type c connection. Once connected the device turns into a keyboard and mouse combination, making it possible to use it as a computer even when you don’t have a keyboard or mouse nearby.

Keyboard/Mouse Accessory (this is a metal case with a keyboard and mousepad) –  Symetium can not only turn into a computer, it can also be a small computer with the keyboard/mouse case accessory.

Symetium OS Android 6.0 Marshmallow

SymetiumOS is a UI designed with minimalism and elegance in mind. Not only a mobile operating system, by connecting the Symetium device via USB 3.0 type C port to an HDMI screen, you can activate a mouse and keyboard friendly PC mode.

Connecting a mouse lets you control the UI using a cursor. Once connected in PC mode the Symetium device can be used as a mouse or keyboard, eliminating the need for external components if none are available. SymetiumOS has been designed to be used in both landscape and portrait modes.

Unlike stock android, Symetium OS will organize apps and files in individual categories – for example, a gallery of pictures, as well as apps relating to pictures. This was done to keep apps and data clean and organized, and to give the user more control the way a PC operating system does.

This makes the app drawer into a file explorer, merging the mobile experience with the PC experience. There is also a native file explorer accessed by pressing the hard drive icon, the same as for a PC operating system. A switch to revert to stock Android is also planned.


Operating System
Android Marshmallow

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

 Internal Memory 64/ 128 / 256 GB internal memory

Type 5.0 OLED 1080p gorilla Glass 4
 Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels

4G bands YES

24-mega pixel rear camera
5-mega pixel front facing camera

Bluetooth 4.0,
Wi-Fi A/B/G/N/AC,
GPS 850/900/1800/1900,
WCDMA and Micro-USB connectivity



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