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What To Do When Blogger Template Is Not Saving

What To Do When Blogger Template Is Not Saving

by Samuel OnyikeMarch 22, 2017
Blogger brought in New cool Templates that will  help keep your Blog interfaces more attractive and catchy. But after the new update saving templates were almost impossible. I have tried so many times to save Edited Templates to failed attempts.

So i figured out how to get your edited templates and this will work when your blogger templates fail to save.

First, you have to download the template you want to edit.
Now open the template in an Editor such as Notepad ++ that can handle web designs or develpoment. Basically Notepad ++ can handle the XML format of your template.  When you download the template you can now open the downloaded Template with the editor. Now edit your template, and upload back to your Blog.

Yippee it work 100%.

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