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Google Wifi Can Give You The Internet Control Over Kids

Google Wifi Can Give You The Internet Control Over Kids

by Samuel OnyikeApril 4, 2017
Having wanting to get control of your kids browsing
Google is making it easier to get phones and tablets out of your kids’ hands. With Wifi, you can now schedule an internet pause time during which the Wi-Fi is blocked from certain devices. The company suggests using it during dinner, your kids’ homework time, or bedtime. You can set multiple timers, tailor how often those pauses repeat (like only on school nights), and then choose the affected devices. You can even pause your gadgets for some extra device sanity when trying to go to sleep.

Lots of other router companies offer a similar service, including Eero and family-oriented Torch, but it’s nice that Google is joining them.
The fact that a boss company has brought this out.. then you can go for them.

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