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Tecno Camon CX Review

Tecno Camon CX Review

by Samuel OnyikeApril 22, 2017
You can recall the specifications of the only camon series with finger print sensor, the camon CX and CX air.

Camon CX and CX air are the latest release from Tecno company, Camon CX being the main version while air is morelike the lite version. 
I will be reviewing the new tecno camon CX and tell  you all about Tecno Camon CX. You can say this tecno Camon CX features and specification In detail.

The camon CX has this 5.1 Inches display, it has an IPS LCD display with a very high resolution of 1920 x 1080. It’s display actually renders images and video seamlessly thanks to the GPU processor that is powered by a ARM mali-t860 MP2, 650 MHz dual core. Camon CX processor is an  Octa-core of Mali 1.5Ghz Octa-core MT675OT model which handles all gaming rendering and 

Talking about it’s body design, it has this sleek body design not too edgy  but a bit curved edge. Camon CX body dimensions are
75.8mm wide
152.8mm tall and

7.75mm thick

And it has no physical navigation button to operate the phone. Instead the physical button is replaced with the virtual navigation button and that i think is brilliant as it has most of it’s front is covered up to 85% with display screen.

Nobody expected the Camon CX to have a fingerprint but it definitely has fingerprint sensor which is light speed fast. Just a touch unlocks the phone. But i think a lot can com from the tecno company, enabling certain fingerprints to unlock certain apps will be a good feature. The fingerprint sensor behind the phone is too prone to external factors that triggers the display on and that it the downside to the phone.

Photo shooting with the Camon CX is no whack at all. it has a 16Mp HD rear camera with the auto focus and HDR feature. Below is an image from Camon CX during a low light environment. The front camera is crystal clear, sorry i did not get an image with it as to the fact i loved the rear camera most.

Camon CX and CX air have the Android 7.0 and  HIOS version 2.0. It brings a smooth UI not quite different from the other Camon series. The double docking or screen splitting works efficiently in Camon CX, making it quite flexible for multi-tasking. 


You can run most apps side by side, that is one of the exclusive feature from camon cx, thanks to the 7.0 Android version.

Another thing the Camon CX can boast of is the 2Gb or RAM. that suits the multi-tasking ability. But the internal Memory which is 16gb and 11gb Usuable is no treat at all. Apple will not release phone if that size without mashing up 128gb internal memory.

Most phones will come no attractive features but Camon CX is quite different. It has the 
Quick Tap feature:where you use certain gestures to unlock phone.
Tapping Wake:Double-tap the scree to wake.
Music gesture:You can control you music player while screen remains off.
Flip Mute:You can mute calls easily by flipping phone.
Three finger-Screenshot :Easy screenshot with three finger down the screen.
Cover Mute:The cover when closed mute calls automatically.

Music i think is better played with Tecno boom player. Camon CX now came with double treat, Tecno Boom player and Clear audio speaker and Microphone. I enjoyed music with this phone.
The speaker can be compared to the tecno boom J8 Dolby made speaker.

Other feature you may want to know is the 
USB 2.0
Quick charge 3200mah Battery,
Bluetooth 4.1.
4G network.

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