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Chat Pinning Now Available In Whatsapp Beta

Chat Pinning Now Available In Whatsapp Beta

by Samuel OnyikeMay 2, 2017
The team behind WhatsApp has started testing a new feature. The feature in question lets users pin chats. Pinning a chat will result in it appearing at the top everytime, reducing your time and effort that would have otherwise gone into finding it.

The feature, which is currently available in the beta version (2.17.162 or 163) of the app, will let you you pin a maximum of 3 chats. The bad part which actually makes it a beta is that If you try pinning a fourth chat, the app will display an error.

Those who aere interested to join the WhatsApp beta program on Android, they can do so by heading to the Join Beta link below.

Who noticed the ever improving whatapp interface since  facebook bought it?

Whatsapp beta

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