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Eight Proven Ways To Stop Phone Over-heating

Eight Proven Ways To Stop Phone Over-heating

by Samuel OnyikeMay 24, 2017

Everybody hates having there getting over-heated and the worst part is when you have a metal body casing. Most phones have chipset which are designed to get rid of over heating, but to some extent. So, you’ve notice that your phone get real hot after some time too hot that you cannot touch it anymore. Well i got you covered.

The main reason why your phone gets too hot is because your processor is working too hard and emits heat energy which you feel when you hold the phone.

Before i kick off, First you won’t be installing any application to get your phone to normal. But, rather i will give steps to take in other to create less work for your phone processor.

Eight Proven Ways To Stop Phone Over-heating 

So if your phone is over-heating or gets heated when you turn on mobile data. And you run some application ,then follow this step 1. 

1. Before you turn on you data , run every needed application first.
This will help the processor handle the cached memory in the application first and create space for new data execution. In that way you streamline the processor data flow. 

You, know what happens when you do otherwise?. let’s say you turn on data then you launch facebook for instance. Now your processor will have to manage the cached data (facebook has too much cached data, that is why you see some pictures offline) and handle the synchronization of new data all at the same time. you know that is some hardwork. 

2. Uninstall Unused apps
Every application need some virtual memory, volatile (RAM) memory and storage memory to function. So if yo have an unused application sitting there for decoration, get rid of it. Girls fall victim here. they want to have any application the see.

3. Exist application you are not currently working with.
Always make life easy for your phone. Running so many application makes your cry. Clear the working space for it and it will serve you better.
I have friend that loves android 7.0 nougat double deck feature so he multi-tasks like he is a god. Within few minutes he gets his phone hot and has no other option than to let the phone stay lone for a while. Multi-tasking is cool but to some extent. Use this as a preference for multi-tasking. If you have a 512mb RAM, run just two application at a time to avoid overloading the processor.
1Gb RAM can go with four apps. 2GB can handle Six, 4GB can work with Eight. And so on.

4. Leave your phone alone to charge 
just like humans, your phone needs some time alone and that is when it is charging. Using your phone while it charges is too bad. You can tether your hot spot to another phone and still leave the other to charge. In battery usage screen on takes 40% battery and processing. So help your phone a bit.

Most cases are that using the phone while it is charging can get it’s processor warmed up and therefore resulting to that over-heating.

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