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Facebook Fined $122 Million For Wrong Info On Whatsapp and Facebook Account Merger

Facebook Fined $122 Million For Wrong Info On Whatsapp and Facebook Account Merger

by Samuel OnyikeMay 18, 2017
Facebook was found guilty of not giving the full detailed information about the acquisition of  WhatsApp back in 2014 to the European Commission. Because of this action, the social network has to pay a fine of the amount of €110 million (about $122 million) to the executive body of the EU.

The issue dates back to 2016, when announced a change in the Terms & Conditions of WhatsApp, informing users they can link accounts on both facebook and whatsapp.

 The EU said Facebook claimed in 2014 such feature would never be available in the future, but apparently, they lied. Sadly for Facebook, the misleading action falls under the EU Merger Regulation that companies are required to provide correct information.

The Commission found out that not only Facebook decided to do this, but the technical possibility of matching accounts was already available when the merger was happening, and Facebook staff were aware of such possibility.

The amount of €110 million is calculated to be 1% of the aggregated turnover of both companies.

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