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Have Multiple Phone Numbers On One Phone With Digits

Have Multiple Phone Numbers On One Phone With Digits

by Samuel OnyikeMay 26, 2017
Back in December T-Mobile unveiled Digits, a revolutionary new service that’s meant to “bring the phone number into the digital age”. It’s been in beta testing since it’s start up, but Un-carrier has announced that it will go live for all of its customers on May 31.

So This is what Digits can do for you? Basically, you get access to multiple phone numbers all attached to one device. You do not have to carry about too much phonebooks or phones at all. All you have to do is have the Digits app installed on your phone and watch the magic happen.

Digits will be free for T-Mobile customers who want to use their number on other devices. If you want another Digits line (with unlimited talk and text), it will cost $10 per month. If you are on the T-Mobile One Plus plan, you get one extra Digits number for free.

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