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Microsoft Brings PWILO – Pick Up Where You Left

Microsoft Brings PWILO – Pick Up Where You Left

by Samuel OnyikeMay 13, 2017
 Microsoft apps will support this feature – which is being called Pick up Where I Left Off (PWILO) – out of the box, so, let’s say you are working on a PowerPoint presentation on your Windows 10 machine, you will be prompted by Cortana to continue working on-the-go when you switch to your Android or iOS device.

The Redmond giant says third-party apps will be able to utilise the PWILO functionality by registering with the Activity Graph using easy to implement APIs. 
If you are using a PWILO-enabled app on a device and switch to another where you don’t have the app installed, Cortana will even prompt you to install the app.

Microsoft hopes this ability to drive additional app installs will encourage app developers to implement this functionality.

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