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Monitor Someone’s Whatsapp Chat On Your Own Phone

Monitor Someone’s Whatsapp Chat On Your Own Phone

by Samuel OnyikeMay 27, 2017
Disclamer. Do this at your own risk

So let’s spare the prep talk and just move ahead. So basically you want to spy on a friends chat, know if your girlf friend is texting another guy. You wan to just spy on a friends just fot the fun. Well this is a very simple step but you are gonna do some certain download.
Hit this link to download Whatscan from playstore.

Now, after installing the whatscan application
Get, your victims you do some spy field work here.
Go to the whatsapp application your victims phone
Get to the menu option and click on whatsapp web
Now you launch whatscan and get the barcode there (disconnnect any already connected device on your victims phone)
scan the bar code on whatscan using your victims phone
wait for the scan to finish, then you have the chat of your victim on the whatscan on your phone.

How  does this work
Web whatsapp uses the same barcode method, so if you want to have your whatsapp chat. Use your phone to scan the barcode that appears on
You will get your chat live on PC.
Both your phone and PC needs internet connection to sync. The same for whatscan.

How to gaurd against Someone spying on your whatsapp chat
constantly check your whatsapp web connection and disconnect any unknowm device.
get an app locker.

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