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Nokia 3310 Hit Markets in Europe

Nokia 3310 Hit Markets in Europe

by Samuel OnyikeMay 11, 2017
Nothing has been heard about Nokia, Nokia 3310 (2017) stole the show at MWC in Barcelona in February. 
The feature phone that’s also a publicity stunt by HMD Global, the company now making Nokia handsets, has been very well received indeed. Perhaps too well, seeing as how it’s not a smartphone. And it’s been hotly anticipated too, with certain retailers saying they were “astonished” by the pre-order numbers they’ve seen.

And now, many months later, we’re almost at the point where the new 3310 finally goes on sale, at least in some parts of Europe. It will arrive in the UK first, on May 24, priced at £49.99, SIM-free and unlocked of course.

Then two days later, on May 26, it shall make its way to Germany, retailing for €59.99. On June 5 it will become available in Belgium and the Netherlands too. The phone will be offered in four colors: red, yellow, blue, and grey.

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