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The Next Samsung Galaxy S Series – Samsung Galaxy S9 Codename

The Next Samsung Galaxy S Series – Samsung Galaxy S9 Codename

by Samuel OnyikeMay 24, 2017
According to a new report, has already started working on the next Galaxy S series flagship smartphone. Likely to be the , the device has been internally codenamed ‘Star.’ for production purposes.

Samsung Galaxy S8, On the similar lines, the large screen model has been codenamed ‘Star 2.’ , the Galaxy S8 was codenamed ‘Project Dream,’ while the upcoming Galaxy Note series handset is rumored to carry the ‘Great moniker‘ internally.

Development of the has begun 3 to 4 months earlier than scheduled, adding that production is also expected to start a few months early. Needless to say, nothing is officially confirmed at this moment, so take all this with a pinch of salt.

Samsung galaxy s9 may be a modular phone but finger crossed

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