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Top Reason Why Your Phone Is Not Charging When Plugged In And Solution

Top Reason Why Your Phone Is Not Charging When Plugged In And Solution

by Samuel OnyikeMay 25, 2017
Most at times when you plug your phone to charge and you notice that it makes no progress, Sometomes you plug to charge but it does the reverse (discharging), this is the most frustrating thing in life trust me.

Well, Techdemi will help you out with that.

So, if you have your phone plugged in to charge but it makes no progress or your phone discharges when plugged ,it could be of several reasons but the main reasons are

  • Bad battery
  • Low Voltage
  • Bad Charger
  • Bad Charging port
  • Phone over-heating.

So let’s tackle this problems squarely.

Bad battery:
You know the fix already just change your battery. But how do i identify a bad battery. There are some physical attributes to a bad battery like
Swollen body
Burnt ends
Liquid flows.
If you have your battery in any of this condition, you will have to change it. Bad battery may be one of the reason an infinix phone which turned out to be fake exploded

Low Voltage:
At times, In your area you may experience your bulb go dim and some appliances not powering due to low voltage. But yet, your phone will show a charging indicating sign. yes it will show it, but it is not charging properly, hence it discharges. Just use a step-up transformer to boost the voltage.
Although new phones and chargers are now designed to charge seamlessly in a low voltage situation using certain voltage amplifying transistors.

Bad Charger:
A bad charger is an enemy to your phone, you should look out for the inscription on the body making sure it suitable for your phone, before you purchase. Most phones use 5V to charge, so anything above 5V output from your phone charger is harmful. If you do not get the reading on the charger, you have another way to identify a charger which is not suitable for your phone.( Notice a faster charging with the new charger you got).  Phones will charge faster on a 6V than 5V but it damages your battery. On the long run, you will experience a faulty battery that won’t be able to store charges again. And you be like “my phone battery does not last long anymore”. 

It is better to have your phone charge slowly than have your phone charge faster. But, when your phone takes longer time than expected to charge then something is wrong.

Note: Always take observe how long your phone takes to charges. Some phones will support charging duration feature. Mine takes 1hr 30 mins to 2 hrs to charge. charging duration below or above that is an error.

Bad Charging port:
With the advent of wireless charging, this may not be an issue anymore. You may experience phone discharging while charging if your charging port is bad. To fix it. get a new port replaced by a manufacture recommended technician.

Phone Overheating:
Your phone will not charge properly when it is stressed out, So you will have to restart your phone, even if you have to loose unsaved files (Android 5.0 above will not close running apps, so no data loss). To avoid phone heating up read this piece (Eight Proven Ways To Stop Phone Over-heating )

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