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All You Need To Know About Facebook Instant Article

All You Need To Know About Facebook Instant Article

by Samuel OnyikeJune 3, 2017
If you have noticed on Facebook, there are some links that you see having that bolt sign and when you click on it, a simple cool layout page will appear, taking the whole screen space, that is facebook instant article. 

Facebook came up with a means if giving publishers a room to own an alternative publishing medium. You write the markup of an article then you publish it.  i have been using facebook instant article and So far i have experienced a lot. So i coupled down the  disadvantages and advantages of instant article which i will like to share with you.

The Disadvantages.
Not As Easy As it Looks
As the name goes instant article, this means that it should be real fast even on a slow internet connection. To publish on instant article, you will have to sign up by clicking here. You will have to publish at least 5 articles to be submitted for review. Now this is where you might find thing real hard if you do not know basic html. 

For every article, you write the markup (HTML codes) using instant article syntax. Or you link your site RSS feed to your publishing articles. WordPress users are saved the stress of going into the instant article markup coding. But for blogger users, they are bound to get an empty article with only images in the facebook instant article, because of the blogger CMS which uses BR tag instead of P tag to create new text lines. Facebook instant article does not support BR  which will leave a blank content when published. But to fix that error of no P tag, Blogger CMS users will have to edit the instant article markup, inserting the P tag where necessary. 

Facebook instant article will be more comfortable if one is running his blog or site on a wordpress CMS platform. Blogspot or blogger CMS users will find it a herculean task to use. this is because of the syntax used in instant article. 

Reduction of Revenue
A switch to instant article will have to bring your revenue down a bit. As mobile users on facebook click your a link ti your article, it loads facebook instant article and no longer your site. although it will count as a pageview. You have the right to choose what is published on instant article though.

Lack of User Contribution
A serious downpart in facebook instant article is that the users do not get to contribute. No comment section in facebook instant article made it look  like a read and go zone. Comment sections uses scripts, but if a little bit of scripts for comments is implemented, facebook instant article will double it’s value. The only comment section in existence on facebook instant article is on pictures or any element with the FIGURE tag. how good is that?

The Advantages.
Faster Page load
Facebook instant article takes less than a second to load completely, thanks to the absence of scripts and style-sheets. So instantaneously, you readers will enjoy your content in a unique way and this will make them love your work the more.
Alternative revenue
You get to monetize you instant article contetnts by signing up for Audience ads. Audience ads can serve as a means of display user friendly and recommended ads. So facebook instant article does not completely takes away your revenue, instead it gives you an alternative.

Simple Design
The simple design implemented on facebook instant article has made it a user friendly interface as Instant article links have a higher 22% CTR compared to other links.

Easy Branding
You create styles of your choice that suits your brand and you get to insert your logo at the top in order to keep your content authenticated and original. You readers will surely know who has the page.

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