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Amazon Dash Wand Will Change The Way You Order Goods

Amazon Dash Wand Will Change The Way You Order Goods

by Samuel OnyikeJune 15, 2017

A mini Amazon echo (amazon dash wand) has been developed to help you get items on your cart just by saying the name of the Item or the brand name. Or by bar-code.

Let me say, you want to buy a cream Just say “cream” . Another way to wield this wand is by using the bar-code feature. You scan the bar-code on the product to add it to your cart.
The wand is quiet useful as it is may help your get items on cart when you can’t near your phone or Alexa.

Amazon dash wand is not the water resistant but will keep of the kitchen stain. You just need AAA batteries to power. To set it up on your device, you get an option of using Wi-Fi or bluetooth.
You may not loose it easily cause it can stick to your fridge using magnets.

Ahh, the interesting part is that you almost have it for free. Amazon made it clear that the purchase price of $20 is credit back to you as store credit. Win Win Huh.

For now only, the device is available in US.

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