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Easy Way To Find A Girl On Facebook After You Have Collected Her Phone Number

Easy Way To Find A Girl On Facebook After You Have Collected Her Phone Number

by Samuel OnyikeJune 16, 2017

This works for just anybody. It is not necessarily for Girls alone, as you can find anyone on with the person’s number. 
Facebook tries as much as possible to bring the world together and close as much as possible. So they’ve come up with contact Sync.
So you can actually find a girl on facebook after you must have gotten her number. And if there are 100 girls on earth 92% are on facebook.

Let’s jump start.

  • So to find the girl on facebook
  • Simply save her number
  • Go to your facebook app
  • Go to where you see something more like a menu with three bars.
  • Go to friends, then go to contacts.
  • Sync contacts and accept any permission.
  • After that you will see your contacts that have a facebook account including the girl.
  • There you can add her up.

Another method, if you want to get things easy. Just Refesh your whatsapp contacts.
it won’t take long for facebook algorithm to suggest her as a friend on facebook

If you do not see her listed there:She is not on facebook or she gave you the wrong numberRemember you will be needing Internet connection.

If you have the correct phone number, you will see the girl’s photo and you can add her up as friends.
Remember this works for anybody. Moreover it is another tip on how to sync facebook with your phone contacts.
Thank me later.
But stay off person property ooo. You know what i mean.

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