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How To Add Wireless Charging To Your Phone

How To Add Wireless Charging To Your Phone

by Samuel OnyikeJune 24, 2017

I will give you a tip on how to add wireless charging feature to your phone, and it works on most phones. 

Just as time flies by, technology advances. Technology wants to make almost everything wireless. One of the activities that is now made wireless is phone charging.
Wireless charging was invented to cut the cord while charging either your smartphone or tablet.I have not seen wireless charging in any laptop or desktop yet, but i am sure the tech giants are cooking that up.

Wireless charging works by electrical induction. Electric induction sender and electric induction receiver, no wires to carry the current, but by a means of inducing the electric charges on a receiver, which in turn uses those charges to top your battery.
Latest devices now come with the wireless charging feature inbuilt. Other phones that do not have the feature inbuilt can still get the feature to work, so long as it supports Qi standard receiver, which most phones do.
So to get a device wireless charging enabled, this is what you will need.

1. Qi wireless receiver – [Buy here##cart##] 
2. Qi wireless charging pad – samsung users [Buy here##cart##] , Lenovo users [Buy here##cart##] other phone users [Buy here##cart##].
3. Phone casing

After you have gotten those items. You connect the receiver end to your USB charging port and position it at the center of your phone, so as to make it easy for you to place it on the sender (charging pad).
Cover it up with your phone casing, it will create a slight bump behind, but it is quite negligible.
Connect the Charging pad to electricity and place your phone on top.
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