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How To Install TWRP On Gionee A1 Lite And Root

How To Install TWRP On Gionee A1 Lite And Root

by Samuel OnyikeJune 25, 2017

If you want to get you hands dirty with the root folders in Gionee A1 lite, then i coupled down a tutorial for you. This is a a tip on how to root gionee A1 lite without using a PC and installing a custom recorvery TWRP on gionee A1 lite. Rooting a phone most times is done with a PC, but this tip tutorial works without a PC.

To root A1 lite, you will need 

Your bootloader is Unlocked.Make sure you have 70% battery charge of more then that.Download this supersu zip file [Download##download##]TWRP Project for Gionee A1 lite.

If you don’t have the TWRP, follow this steps to install TWRP on Gionee A1 lite.

#1 Method

Download TWRP for Gionee A1 Lite [Download##Download##]
Download Adb drivers [Download##Download##]

1.First of all enable the USB debugging option in developer options.

To enable USB debugging Go to Setting -> About Phone -> Now Tap on Build Number until you see a message on screen like ” You Are Now A Developer”

2.Now  you have developer option, so go to Settings-> Developer Options -> Enable USB debugging and also enable OEM unlock.

Now Install ADB Tool on your PC or Laptop.

3.Go to folder where you installed the ADB Tool. If you dont know where is the Folder just go 

to my computer -> Local Disk (C;) -> Adb.

4.Open the Adb folder and by holding the Shift Key and right-click on any blank space and select “Open Command Windows Here.”

5.Now connect your Gionee A1 Lite to Laptop or PC using USB Cable. and reboot phone into fastboot mode by using the following command.

adb reboot bootloader

6.Now your device will reboot into Fastboot mode. If it does’t work. check out the below problems.

  • Your USB cable is connected properly.
  • you have drivers installed.

7.Check a list of connected Device by using the following command.

fastboot devices

8.TWRP recovery you need to recovery.img and place it in ADB Folder. Now you need to flash the TWRP recovery. To flash the recovery, Use the following command.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

That’s it! Now you have installed TWRP recovery on Gionee A1 Lite you can go over to rooting

How To Root Gionee A1 Lite

1. Move the to Your phone’s internal storage. ” Don’t put the File in any Folder”
2 Now you have to boot your phone in TWRP recovery mode.
3 To boot Gionee A1 Lite in recovery. First of all turn off your smartphone. Now press Volume UP + Power button together until the Gionee A1 Lite boots in TWRP recovery mode.
4 Now first make backup of your all data using TWRP.
5 Now tap on install, And choose the file.
6 Now swipe to install

That’s it Now you have rooted Gionee A1 Lite. I hope this guide helped you. If  you have any question ask in the comment section below.

#2 Method

Required downloads .
Download TWRP
Download One click
Due to errors encountered in some devices, use this second method,

  • Download one click and twrp from above
  • Extract recovery.img file in one click folder
  • run unlock flash.exe file
  • connect phone to PC having enabled usb debugging 
  • hit enter, that’s all
  • it will unlock bootloader already and then flash twrp on Gionee a1. 

Note: If you use the gionee a1 0301 use the TWRP provided Here
Credit to hovatek and vishal.gupta  for their contribution

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