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Lenovo Introduces Foldable Laptop Concept

Lenovo Introduces Foldable Laptop Concept

by Samuel OnyikeJune 21, 2017
Lenovo held an event in New York and it revealed an exciting concept of“a foldable PC” . The gadget can be bent in half and folded down, even though the screen stretches all the way to the keyboard.

The image of the concept shows a flexible display, enabled by “new screen technologies”. The fold stretches from one end to the other, and the screen bends toward the keyboard.

Lenovo also revealed that you would be able to speak to the laptop, but as you can expect from a concept details are incredibly vague. If one will be able to speak to the laptop, that means, the laptop will be using an AI. The question is “Which AI will run on the laptop” .
The company does not disclose if it already started working on the concept and we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s still on the drawing board.

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