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Oneplus 5 Goes Against Gionee A1 Lite (Android Battle)



‘Motorola Z2 play is matched against Oneplus 5 in the all thrilling android battle’.

The crowd went wild, new fighter, new skills,new KO tactics are to be expected. Oneplus 5 is called upon.
Oneplus five, weighing 153g, 2.45ghz fast, 20Mp light saber and can power up to 3300 energy level.

buuuu’ the crowd goes. Oneplus 5 walks in like it does not mind. tosses his light saber around as he gets to the center of the arena.

Just before Moto could be called in full, the arena shook to the presence of Motorola Z2 play. Crowd roaring sent fear into Oneplus 5 nerves, but he didn’t show.
The judge interrupted the call out.”you all may be in favour of Moto Z2 play, but we over ruled the contest and will call in a different fighter because Z2 is no match for Oneplus 5″. buuuu again from the crowd, but everyone could hear the sigh of relief form Onplus 5.

A new gallant fighter lite but mighty….Gionee A1 lite.
“‘Ahhh’ i didn’t come all this way to battle a learner, give me a competition” Oneplus boasted as Gionee A1 lite is called out.
Gionee A1 lite weighing 150g, Light saber up to 20mp, can take up to 64gh (giga hit). Full speed is at 1.3ghz and energy level up to 4000.

Oneplus swings it’s light saber at Gionee A1 lite, who throws back flip as he launches a heavy upward kick at oneplus jaw.
WOOOAAAAHHH, the crowd goes, as Oneplus is sent on the ground. 
Having DE-stabilized Oneplus who is still getting back to reality, A1 lite dashes past Oneplus 5 and performs a back spin, kicking oneplus and sending him back to the flying and hitting the floor.

Oneplus 5 could not believe how he has taken in much just as the began.
Finish Him!!!! the crowd rumbles, Gionee A1 lite walks towards oneplus lends him a hand, but Oneplus faked he was receiving the help and punch A1 Lite, A1 lite staggers back, Oneplus lands another on A1 lite who falls flat on the ground. Oneplus went Octa , raises his feet to end Gionee A1 lite. Gionee A1 lite rolls out speedily, a chinese get-up, went ariborne and powers up to 3500 energy, lands with the 20mp light saber on Oneplus 5. Onoeplus 5 is sent falling real hard.

Gionee walking towards Oneplus 5 “You are weak, you know you do not have enough to take hits, i will end this and make it easy for you”.
Oneplus 5 gets up on one feet with the last energy left, lashes out light saber, waiting for gionee a1 who is coming down Octa on oneplus. As he approaches Oneplus 5, oneplus 5 performs a trick
Gionee A1 lite only wakes up to find himself out of the arena.

On the arena, the crowd cheers Oneplus 5 as he walks out the arena.

“Wait what happened”, gionee a1 lite asks.
“can’t really tell’ the medic man replied.
“Tell me, how was i knocked out”. Gionee A1 lite shouted at the medic man.

The door slams open, oneplus 5 Silhouette was all the lighting could offer.
“i spilt octa, fisrt quad took your hit, while the other quad, you did not see as you went airborne powered up 2000 and Knocked you out” oneplus 5 said as he left.
“but wait, how did i not see it coming?” A1 lite asked
“i’ll leave you to figure that out” oneplus 5 replied.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Omekara Chukwuemeka

    December 2, 2017 at 7:11 pm

    so who won?

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Service providers

TStv to Encrypt it’s Channels, roll out 62 Premium Entertainment Channels



TStv has announced that all of it’s Television channels will be encrypted. This means that the channels on TSTV will no longer be Free-to-air (FTA). The service provider also announced that it will include 62 premium Entertainment channels in it’s collection.

TStv channels will be encrypted starting from 11:50 on November 27th. Also, the premium entertainment channels will be included to the service on 28th November. Prior to the update, viewers will have to pick up a TStv Jolly Decoder at a dealer outlet.

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Owners of the Sassy Decoder are advised to visit any nearest dealer to get the decoder fully activated.

TStv currently has over 50 plus channels which in addy is the 16 premium entertainment channels coming soon.

TStv Africa is a owned Nigerian innovative Pay TV Operator that offer Pay As You View (PAYV) subscription, pause subscription, complimentary internet service and video call.

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TStv sometime went out of the market due to the challenges the company faced even to the “Satellite Providers”. The good news is that they began full operation on 20th August after NigComSat offered them 5 units of 35.5MHz transponders through a collaboration with Intertel, Federal Ministry of Communications and Nigcomsat.

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Service providers

MTN APN Configuration That Works – Mobile and Modem



MTN APN is what is required to enable internet connection on your phone. APN is an acronym for Access Point Name. Access Point Name is typically the name of the gateway connecting your internet enabled device to the web through an internet service provider, such as MTN.

Most often we run into the problem of missing APN configuration and can’t surf the web with our phone or modem. If you have your APN configured before now and you still cannot browse, make the listed below are in order.

  • Data subscription balance
  • Data monitor app threshold
  • Other phones of same network can browse. Your inability to browse could be a general problem from the service provider at the moment.
  • Network signal reception

In Nigeria you can fall into the hands of the wrong people, who will charge you high amount of money in the name of configuring your phone for browsing.

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To get the configuration pushed automatically to your phone by MTN.

Send as a text message “Settings” to 3888. Without quotes.

If the above method fails to get you APN configuration, you can fall back to configuring it yourself which always works.

For Mobile phones, navigate to “mobile network” in settings through more connections option, and you should see APN configuration option there.

Note: If your device works just fine, you are advised not to go further. But if for a reason you deleted the pre-installed APN configuration and you want to get it back. You’re welcome. The configurations work for 2G, 3G and 4G network type.



MTN APN settings for smartphones (iOS and Android)

[supsystic-tables id=8]

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Note: For MTN 4G MiFi modems, the above configuration works for such devices.


MTN APN settings for modems (U.S.B stick modems)

[supsystic-tables id=9]

Access Point Name is unique to every service provider and can come pre-configured in SIM cards. When you slot in a new SIM card into a phone, it goes through it’s initiation to the service provider’s system. The service provider can then push necessary configurations to the device. Devices with MTN SIM card making an internet connection must be configured with an APN to present to MTN.

MTN will then examine this APN to determine what type of connection should be created, for example: which IP addresses should be assigned to the wireless device, which security methods should be used, etc. All of which is done in a second by a programmed system.

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Service providers

#ReallyFreeData, Airtel is dashing free data weekly on Recharge Plus



Aitel Recharge Plus promo image

Aitel Recharge Plus promo image

Airtel NG is currently giving out free 250mb data to its subscribers so long as you keep recharging your line. The good news is that you get 250Mb every week, once you meet your recharging target. All Airtel users are qualified for this promo and it gets even better because you can use the data to access any website and content.


You can do the recharging through your bank and still get the reward. In total you enjoy 1GB monthly for simply topping up your airtime. You can use the airtime for regular uses, such as making calls and sending text, even subscribing to a regular data plan.

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Speaking of the requirements to enjoy this offer, Airtel NG says you have to recharge your line consistently. Consistently in order to meet your weekly target.

How it Works:

  • To get started, you have to first recharge your Airtel line.
  • Check your weekly target by dialing *479# or check your recharge notifications.
  • Recharge to hit your target
  • Get rewarded with 250MB free.
  • Dial *123# or *140#. to check balance
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Hard to say:

The free data bonus is valid till Sunday 23.59pm every week. You don’t get the reward twice a week, so no need beating the target twice. Airtel didn’t say how long the offer lasts, but it looks like one that its not going over yet. You can’t roll over any unused data. That is to say, once it expires, it’s gone, no renewals.

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