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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Essential PH-1 (Android Battle)

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Essential PH-1 (Android Battle)

by Samuel OnyikeJune 4, 2017

Read the specification of Essential PH 1 and samsung galaxy S8 before you continue.So the battle between Essential PH 1 and Samsung galaxy S8 has all the bots roaring and hailing as the competitors roll out their Weapons. Iphone 7 think it not an equal fight, but HTC U11 says it is.

Essential PH 1 is called upon
Essential PH 1. Weighing 185g can take up to 128 GB. 141.5 tall 71.1wide and 7.8 thick.
Energy level 3040mAh and fastest speed is at 2.4ghz.

Fans are cheering high enough to bring the place down, but as Samsung Galaxy S8 is called upon, you could hear a pin drop

Samsung Galaxy S8 is called upon
Samsung galaxy S8. Weighing 173g can take in 64Gh, expandable to 256Gh. 159.5 tall 73.4 wide 8.1 thick.
Energy level 3500mAh and can run as fast as 2.3ghz.

All competitors set and the battle arena quiet. FIGHT.

Essential PH 1 rushes speedily toward galaxy S8 splitting itself into 8. Samsung goes pixel thin up to 1440 resolution making it difficult for essential to get a clean hhit as S8 swiflty dodges attack from the eight split. Essential is less powerful in 8, S8 makes a quick charge and lands a significant hit on one of the essential ph 1 causing it to regroup back to one. Samsung dashed towards essential who is on the floor, unleashing several hit on it. Essential has taken up to 124giga hit, till samsung can give no more, it creates light force up to 13mp sending samsung aback and staggering. 

Into 4 essential splits and launches sequential punches on samsung galaxy s8. Samsung galaxy S8 was set airborne by the heavy punch by Essential PH 1. On air Essential makes a tactic move to Knock out S8. Charges an 8Mp light saber punch, lifts towards S8 and like a lightening hits Samsung galalxy S8, who is sent breaking deep into the arena wall. 

Crowd went haywire hailing Essential PH 1. Essentail PH 1 went turbo 2.4ghz racing towards galaxy S8 using more than half of it’s energy to finish S8 with a punch. As it throws it’s fist, samsung catches it. Immediately the crowd was threw in amazement.
Essential PH could not belive it.

 Samsung galaxy S8 charged up to 3000mAh smashes a 13mp light saber punch on Essential, kicks Essential PH out splitting into four. Essential PH defenseless took in a Quad-kick from S8 which Knocked it out.

And your winner Samsung galaxy S8, cheered like never before. Essential PH 1 was carried away on a stretcher, but you could hear him cry out ” i will be back, and this time i will make sure you can’t take in much of my hit’

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