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Skype 8.0 Arrives On Android Features Whole New UI

Skype 8.0 Arrives On Android Features Whole New UI

by Samuel OnyikeJune 11, 2017
Windows needed to keep up with the growing rate of IM messengers s o they reinvented skype.
Skype 8.0 is currently available for download and it features new cool updates.
Skype 8.0 features a brand new UI courtesy of a complete rebuild of the app. There are new colors, animations and shapes everywhere and it really doesn’t look anything like the old app.

The main screen got three tabs, with the main one in the center being where you see all your chats . The tab on the left is called Highlights, which is basically a rip-off of Stories feature from Snapchat. 
Here you can share your activities during your day and all the photos and videos you upload here appear as a highlights reel for your friends to see.

On the right is capture tab yet another Snapchat rip-off. You can take a picture here and send to your contacts or add it to your Highlights reel. The editing tools available here, including drawing or adding stickers is straight out of Snapchat with nearly identical design.

The rest of the functionality seems similar to the previous app except for a cards UI that shows these floating cards on screen but so far all we have seen it do is show app tutorials.
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The new version is only on Android for now other platforms like iPhone will get it in the coming weeks. Windows and Mac will be getting the update in the coming months.
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