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Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 Leaked Specs

Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 Leaked Specs

by Samuel OnyikeJune 29, 2017
Display size is about 5.5. inches. But i hate the fact that the new could run android 6.0 marshmallow.Dual camera of about 12mp and 5 mp is quite mouth watering and to make it all awesome, you get a 16mp secondary camera.

Xiamoi Redmi Pro is rumored to have to variants. AN exclusive edition and a normal one. And to differentiate it , the exclusive has 128GB and 4GB RAM, while the other has 32/64GB and 3GB RAM.
It will pack a huge 4500mAh to power an octa-core of about 2.2Ghz max.

What happened to the idea of 8.0. would have tried 7.0 at least.

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