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Watch Video Of VIVO Prototype Device With Finger Print Sensor Embedded In Screen

Watch Video Of VIVO Prototype Device With Finger Print Sensor Embedded In Screen

by Samuel OnyikeJuly 4, 2017

I informed you about VIVO Screen embedded finger print sensor. And VIVO could be the first to launch a device of such feature before Samsung and Apple.

Latest video renders shows a clear functionality of the embedded sensor on a Prototype. First the phone has to learn the user’s fingerprint. During the learning process, the prototype takes a bit longer other fingerprint scanners, taking almost two seconds to register a scan while teaching the phone your fingerprint. Once the phone is handed off to the camera operator, the way he places his finger is a bit more critical.

He tries to place his finger in other locations, and even halfway off the identified scanning area. Once learned, he teases the fingerprint scanner to see if a quicker scan is possible. After several tries, he’s able to unlock the phone with a short finger press onto the sensor.

Last week, VIVO released a video showing off the capabilities of the sensor in a YouTube video and outlined that it used piezoelectric technology that essentially transmits your fingerprint to the sensor under an OLED display panel by using ultrasonic signals. You can check that video out below.


During the video frames VIVO may have leaked the design of their new phone. It may be called a prototype, but it leaked a lot. Waterproof, dustproof are some leaked specs of the vivo phone. And Single camera may have also been revealed. More to unveil soon,

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