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What Happens When Facebook Crashes

What Happens When Facebook Crashes

by Samuel OnyikeJuly 23, 2017

Yea, come to think of it, what will happen if crashes? The biggest online community with over 2 billion people in population crashed.

I have in several occassion been asked this questions below and hare are my replies.
Can Facebook crash ? – Yes
When will Facebook crash – Not certain
Will Facebook crash – No
How will Facebook crash – When facebook fail to improve and it’s users get bored, then they stop logging in and facebook turns to an empty land.

I will be writing on an article, what will happen when Mark Zuckerberg dies? but for now let me focus on WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN FACEBOOK CRASHES?
I’m not writing this to predict the fall of facebook, because face runs on fail-safe systems that can carry the data of the world without a glitch.

Strong right, when the world biggest, most engaging, most trusted and business enabling platform all in a sudden gives the “Page Not Found” or “404” result in your browser even after so many tries. 
The world is now comes a little closer than before, all thanks to God who made the founder of facebook, Mark zuckerberg.
But if all of a sudden every database in facebook is lost, backups lost and data centers destroyed, what will happen to the world will leave a visible mark on every human being.

What happens when facebook Crashes?
Multiple Business collapse: 
Currently facebook business holds a of data for its users and those data, manged by facebook can predict the growth of a business. No business would survive a the loss of such data, even Amazon won’t. 
Now the main thing to establish business presence online is to get a facebook page or something, else you are not serious.  So the big engaging facebook page with up to 3,000,000+ likes suddenly goes extinct due to facebook crash, you as the business owner won’t fail to notice a drastic fall in your purchases even in the real world.

Brands will fail to exist: 
You own a brand or you are the brand yourself and then you do not have a presence on Facebook, you are seriously joking. Most brands toady became world wide by Facebook. In fact Facebook has given birth to many brands, its like the mother brand. 

No more Connecting the World story ever Again: 
When a huge facebook housing up to 3,000 Zettabyte of data failed, nobody on earth will like to hear “We are for you, we are connecting the world” story. Facebook crash will affect other social networks because of it gives them a sense of trustworthiness. See this conversation

Dick: “hey andrew , i just lost my account on facebook, i guess it has crashed or something”Andrew: me too, i’m deleting my account on twitter, myspace, Google+ and whatsapp, i don’t want to loose out anymore, they all suck,”Dick: All my photos were on facbook now it’s all gone.Andrew :get back your photos you uploaded on other nets, you can never tell when they will do the same.Dick :It funny, but i trusted facebook that muchAndrew: Now you see you can’t trust any of them now, get all you social accounts off. See you bro.

Loss of Friends And Business Partners: 
I have friends from all over the world on Facebook and i would not like to loose them. My friends help me one way or the other, if i loose them i can go hunting Zuck and fry his brain for dinner. Businesses now hold quick conferences online when their members are not physically present and this have helped so much, facbook carries a lot of responsibility that it cannot afford to fail.

Security Breach:

Most developer rely on facebook authentication so they add sign in or sign up with facebook on there site or . Wheh you sign in or sign up, you give permission to an app on facebook which can pull up you email and other details. This method of authentication has proven safe and reliable, that most personal or confidential data is locked behind it. All of a sudden facebook fails, this means those site or data is open to everybody and that is not gonna be nice.

There is whole lot, but i don’t like to do the thinking alone, you can have your say on the comment section below.

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