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Cheapest 9Mobile data subscription N1000 for 5GB

Cheapest 9Mobile data subscription N1000 for 5GB

by Samuel OnyikeSeptember 17, 2017

9Mobile formerly known as Etisalat has introduced the cheapest data subscription rate ever. The N1000 for 5Gb.
Wow, huge huh. This is the cheapest so far in the history of data subscription. To step up the game, 9 mobile will have to work on their network services, get more data loving customers and coarse other telecommunication firms to step down the price of the data sub too. 

To subscribe for 9 mobile N1000 for 5Gb 
Dial  *929*10# 
To check data balance Dial *228#

The data subscription was once offered as a promo for the sallah celebration but so far the 9Mobile has made it available to its customers till now. You may want to try out other 9Mobile subscription.

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