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Huawei mate 10 is not a smartphone, it is an A.I

Huawei mate 10 is not a smartphone, it is an A.I

by Samuel OnyikeSeptember 29, 2017

Seventeen days to the D-day where Huawei mate 10 will be launched, a big surprise hits the tech world- Huwei mate 10 is not a smartphone. The Chinese multi-national cliams the device is not a smartphone and fans are like, what then is the anticpated Huawei mate 10?

A portable Robot? Nah.
Well the company went ahead to give an insight by saying the device is an intelligent machine. It is not news that mate 10 will be powered by all powerful Kirin 970. Kirin 970 is a chipset developed by Huawei which the company claims it stands as an edge of Artificial Intelligence and it has dedicated neural processing unit for on-device AI capabilities.
In the teaser video Huawei idolizes Mate 10 by saying that the device Sees
Thinks, Learns. Well this may be a move to bring it’s Alexa or google home like to the market.

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Delivering the ultimate experience, going beyond smart, using the transformative power of #AI. Welcome to intelligent. #HuaweiMate10


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