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Microsoft owner bill gates just switch to an Android phone and banned Iphones

Microsoft owner bill gates just switch to an Android phone and banned Iphones

by Samuel OnyikeSeptember 27, 2017
Most of the stories making tech world circles around the fact that Boss, Bill Gates is now using an Android phone. You ought to know that Microsoft owns a smartphone company which is dead, so to say. Seeing that Microsoft has as huge block on smartphones he may have decided to switch to the most widely used smartphone, Android phone. According to The verge, during an interview with Fox News Sunday (spotted by On MSFT), Gates reveals he’s now using an Android phone. But not the brand or model. But Gate went further to say that his Android phone contains much of Micrsoft apps. Which makes me suspect that Bill Gates is using the Microsoft edition Galaxy S8 phone.

Microsoft started selling those Microsoft edition Samsung Galaxy S8 handset in its retail stores earlier this year, and it includes apps like Office, OneDrive, Cortana, and Outlook.  About gates choice of smartphone he is definitely not liking the Iphone after he openly banned Ipods and Iphone in his home.
Just in: blocks Amazon Echo show from accessing youtube. It now like a no-friend game between Google and Amazon.
Try getting a video from Youtube using Amazon Echo you will get the ““Currently, Google is not supporting Youtube on Echo Show.”
Normally, Amazon Echo users that normally use the flat screen voice device for streaming videos from the 2nd ranked site – Youtube, can no longer get that service. The reason for this cut is not know but, taking at the competition, Google home has not been that much accepted compared to Amazon’s assistant.
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