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Read why china blocked access to whatsapp

Read why china blocked access to whatsapp

by Samuel OnyikeSeptember 27, 2017

It all happened yesterday when china blocked whatsapp. Not strange, the main reason for the whatsapp ban or blockage is due to the Communist party meeting which is coming up soon in china and the country wants to have full censorship. You may have to take it personal, the western also have denied it’s citizens access to other sites such as Facebook (No.1 social network) Google (leading search engine) and now whatsapp which is the latest.

According to The verge, WhatsApp has experienced brief disruptions to service, with users unable to send video chats or photos. Now, even text messages are completely blocked, according to Nadim Kobeissi, an applied cryptographer at Symbolic Software, a Paris-based research firm that also monitors digital censorship in China.

“Essentially, it seems that what we initially monitored as censorship of WhatsApp’s photo, video and voice note sharing capabilities in July has now evolved to what appears to be consistent text messaging blocking and throttling across China,” Kobeissi told The Verge

China even too it hard on whatsapp by blocking the last means of accessing whatsapp from china, NoiseSocket protocol. NoiseSocket protocol is a means of sharing text and pictures on whatsapp, but the china’s longterm project has been on blocking it, so now the project seem successful.

Trying to use VPN is no use, China also craked that down to the extent of forcing VPN companies to get license from the government. I think most western originated sites will soon get locked out from china. #westernphobia

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