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Samsung Galaxy S9 – Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumored to show-up in January

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumored to show-up in January

by Samuel OnyikeSeptember 1, 2017

You can feel the rush in the mobile-tech world.

  • Google working on Android 9.0, 
  • Apple to unveil Iphone 8 on 12th of septemeber
  • Samsung rumored to launch Samsung galaxy S9 on January next year.

No rest for we bloggers. Well that what we are here for.
So for the latest news reaching me is that Samsung is going ot launch the Samsung galaxy S9 variant sometime in January. You can recall galaxy S8 was live on March and this got people thinking that the next follow up will be on the same time frame. NO!
According to GSMarena
Samsung may unveil the S9 as soon as late January, with global sales starting in mid-February. There are two reason why samsung scheduled two months before regular release time for the S series. 

1.To get the highest sales in late 2017 and early 2018. This will probably hit apple and leaving the mobile sales world sucked out.
2. The shipement of the OLED displays. The shipment came also two months earlier that usual. Display panels are usually shipped before other parts such as camera modules and cases apparently. After the panel shipments, it takes about two to three months for the handset’s entire assembly to take place.

S9 is said to come with 64GB inbulit memory and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. And the RAM is argued to be 4GB, but S8 already has 6GB of RAM. So this means samsung might just stick to the 6GB RAM.

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