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This Grand Cherokee Jeep can move above other cars in a traffic jam

This Grand Cherokee Jeep can move above other cars in a traffic jam

by Samuel OnyikeSeptember 7, 2017
Have you ever been stuck in a traffic and you wish your car could just move above other cars, so you can just get along with your business?
Well meet  HUM Rider

Called the HUM Rider, this JEEP Grand Cherokee has been modified to lift itself and move over other vehicles in a traffic situation. It is fitted with custom hydraulics that allows it to elevate five feet high, thereby gaining enough clearance to glide above standstill vehicles. The operator can simply drive the JEEP over to escape the traffic gridlock. You can call it a transformer, it sure looks like one. I was equally impressed just like you are when I first watched the video. Well, technology has gone quite far and this is no much of a surprise, although it’s one of a hell to behold. I’d so wish to drive one myself. 

With a simple push of a button, the transformation begins to take place, no need to wait in a endless traffic gridlock, simply fly over and get going. That freaking moment when you are in your vehicle, seeing a car-cum-transformer move over you, casting a shadow thereon, how would you feel the vibe? This is just one of a kind from Amazon, that e-commerce company in the United States.


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