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Elon musk new rocket that can take you anywhere on earth in minutes – BFR

Elon musk new rocket that can take you anywhere on earth in minutes – BFR

by Samuel OnyikeOctober 1, 2017

When you are the edge, you are tasked with pushing the limits lest you fall. Elon musk is not going to fall so has pushed the limits in transportation with Hyperloop, the vaccum tube travel system. Elon musk is definitely not stopping there, he has come up with a rocket that literally can take you to any city in the world in just an hour. He codenamed the rocket, “BFR” and it means, Big Fucking Rocket.

Elon promised Earth Interplanetary Transport System and this will enable earth citizen settle in planet Mars in the next 100 years. Won’t that be an invasion of sort?
Indiatimes reports that Musk believes he can also use the same rocket to ferry people most anywhere across the world in about half an hour. Bur i guess it is going to be expensive.

The BFR is a gigantic transport rocket that lifts heavy space equipments and it can be refueled mid-way. The idea is that people can board the BFR much in the same way they would any regular trave plan. It would then launch into orbit and fly to another similar launch pad in another city, where it can set down and let passengers disembark.
Of course, both the intercity spaceship and rocket still exist only in theory, but Musk hopes to begin construction on them as soon as six to nine months from now.

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