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Microsoft is coming with a foldable device codenamed Andromeda

Microsoft is coming with a foldable device codenamed Andromeda

by Samuel OnyikeOctober 27, 2017

Microsoft is done with producing smartphones and hence announced Microsoft phones discontinuation. The tech giant in latest rumor is said to be working on a foldable device codenamed Andromeda.

 Now this device being said foldable will have GSM telephony properties but will be more like a PC. And the Operating system running ing the device is expected to be neither Android or IOS reason being that Microsoft may not like any competition with the already saturated smartphone market.

In the news from Windows central, the device will have a ARM processor and powered by Windows 10. Andromeda could have a better name except Microsoft Courier cause it will be portable notebook. The notebook features includes some sort of inking used in a pen that works with notebook software in the device and virtual which spreads across the device.


If the phone is going to have such a differnt feature which i think will hype the prices, i’ not sure Microsoft will be able to face the failure twice. The best solution Microsoft one can offer to Microsoft is to make the OS open sourced.

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