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Move over hammock switch to TreePod – A new generation Hammock

Move over hammock switch to TreePod – A new generation Hammock

by Samuel OnyikeOctober 28, 2017

TreePod is the new generation hammock in two variants – Cabana and Lounge. Unlike the regular hangout hammock, TreePod needs just one point to hang onto with it’s height 5.5 inches. You can easily set it up the 4,5 or 6 feet span TreePod to go as high as 8 feet. TreePod gives 360 view inside the suspended lounge and can house more compared to regular hammock or any other relaxation products. 

At least something to sub the Hammock.

TreePod suspends from one point and still hold up 60lbs, besides it is cheaper. It is made of UV treated canvas and steel frame all weighing 12.95 or 15.95 pounds. It sizes vary hence it’s weight, you choose between the 4 and 5 feet wide weighing 12.95 or the 6 feet wide TreePod weighing 15.95. 

Available colors include: Terracotta, Graphite, Aquamarine, Moss, Slate Blue

Both the TreePod Lounger & Cabana will come with a fabric pod, hand strap, frames, quick link, hanging rope and guy-line, so all you’ll need is one tree or durable structure.

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