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Octahelper – A device that gives a helpful extra hand

Octahelper – A device that gives a helpful extra hand

by Samuel OnyikeOctober 28, 2017

Octahelper is a device with eight hands which one can bend to certain shapes to hold, grip and suspend objects when the two hands are tied.  The non-electric device can stay at almost any position to help you get something done and besides it is strong, elastic and durable.

Octahelper which has a center top surface 2.14 inches, has eight stretching comprising of a sequence of ball and rod sections. The legs that are up to 6.5 inches. The eight-octa legs have 10 balls of diameter 0.5 inches. The legs are made of molded material with an integral embedded strand, such as an embedded wire, cable, or rod, that generally extends the entire length of the arm.

Octahelper can come in really handy when you need an extra hand holding things such as your phone or a can even any object can fit into the eight legs, all you need to do is to bend some legs to grip the object.

Octahelper is a kickstarte project owned by  Donna Rena Lowry.

Donna is a Native American wife, mother, business owner and Registered Nurse that is the mastermind behind the newest invention ready to hit the market. Donna is one of four girls born to parents James & Rosa Jacobs that were both entrepreneurs; their influence on her life has been tremendous. Even as a child, Donna was a determined problem solver. She has stayed that course all her life and it has served her very well. Donna has persevered through personal struggles to complete college, start a successful multimillion dollar business “Caring Touch Home & Behavioral Health Care” from her kitchen table, become a sought after motivational speaker and philanthropist and now has a patent for her new invention ready to take the market by storm. Among her many accomplishments, Donna has been named 2011 Business Leader of the Year, 2010 Business Person of the Year and 2005-2006 Entrepreneur of the Year.

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