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Super cool ways you can listen to music from a phone that has no headphone jack

Super cool ways you can listen to music from a phone that has no headphone jack

by Samuel OnyikeOctober 12, 2017

Phone manufactures are now moving towards the no headphone jack trend which sucks users. They no longer want you have your music listened in the normal method of plugging in your ear-piece and roll out the music playlist.

You can still have the same taste of music with your phone that has no 3.5mm headphoene or earpiece jack if only you follow my lead. #shapeofyou.

How to Play Music From a Phone without Headphone.

Normal in-built loudspeakers are not the thrill when it come to enjoying music although it is one of the means of playing and listening to music in every phone.

Bluetooth Headphones or Earpiece: This is the number one alternative cause bluetooth headphones are wireless, this means you do not have to keep your phone close. you can enjoy the music within range of 10 meters from your phone. Also, some bluetooth enabled earpiece can be used to answer phone calls without having the phone close. Apple airpods can also come in handy. 

Bluetooth enabled Speakers: Having evolved to levitating speakers, this is the another alternative. Read on the two best bluetooth levitating speakers. Once you have paired your phone with a bluetooth speaker of your choice, you are good to go.  Also, you can purchase a phone USB speaker too.

So not having a headphone jack is not that bad, use the above alternatives to still do what you do best. For the best bluetooth headhones recommendation

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