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Two (2) best levitating bluetooth speakers you can get

Two (2) best levitating bluetooth speakers you can get

by Samuel OnyikeOctober 2, 2017

Levitating bluetooth speakers are literally speakers that can float. Yes, float. They are not the new thing now, but it is just super cool to have an object float and give sound all on one spot and suspended few millimeter above a surface.

This is a compilation of the 2 best levitating bluetooth speakers you can come across. The list is populated with the 2 levitating bluetooth speaker having the coolest design and body feature.

1. ICE portable ORB.
So far, fans love the futuristic look of this bluetooth speaker, it’s sound is supreme and body design will make you think it is some alien tech cause it lifts up to 10mm from it’s magnetic base plate. Charge ICE portable ORB to full and get 8 hrs of usage. Four (4) green balancing LEDs which assist in helping to get the orb floating on top of the base . A tip: you can get the orb to float and spin perfectly by following the flickering of the 4 green LED indicators. This is pretty useful to help you get started with the levitating bluetooth speaker set up in no time.

2. Wasserstein Levitating Bluetooth Speaker
You may have watch some of those space movies and have seen a device that nearly looks like the Wasserstein Levitating Bluetooth Speaker. Designed with blue LEDS, you don’t have to look too far for speaker with the awesome designs and sound.

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